Why do I need a pre-approval for a home loan?

Dated: September 9 2020

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Ever wondered why you have been asked if you are pre-approved before someone will take you to look at a house?

Here's a few reasons!

- Maybe you can afford more than you think

- We need to understand your buying power before looking at homes

- The Market is moving very quickly

- Without a Pre-Approval we cannot submit an offer

- Sellers will not even look at offers that are submitted without a pre-approval attached to the offer

Now tell me; wouldn't you be heartbroken if you found "the one" and wanted to write an offer but you didn’t have a pre-approval and the home sold to someone else?!

What are the steps we as your realtor take with our lender to get our buyers pre-approved?

- Buyer Consult in person to find out your wants, and needs, and qualifications for home purchase

- We will send you the app link so you can start filling out the Loan Applications

-  Let our preferred lender schedule a time to meet with us an explain our options

- Pre-Approval Thumbs up from our lender

- Schedule home showings - Start the actual purchase negotiations

- Get you in a new home!

What does the Lender Need from the buyer to get you a Pre-Approval?

- Trust is important when working with your realtor and lender.

-  You will need your Tax Returns and pay stubs and be able to show proof of employment

So now you know why you need a pre-approval so make sure that is the first thing you do;  after you hire your agent of course; before you begin to look at homes with your Realtor

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