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What are people misunderstanding about home pricing

A lot of home price headlines right now are misleading. Here’s the bad news: even more of those headlines are coming. But I can help you understand what’s actually happening. Take a look

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Why today is a sweet spot for sellers

I know a lot of you heard about the intense level of competition and the bidding wars we saw in the housing market over the last few years. While that peak is behind us, it doesn’t mean you

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New construction homes give homebuyers hope

I’ve got some news any homebuyer out there wants to hear. I know a lot of you are frustrated by the limited number of homes for sale today. But what if I told you, you may have more options

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What’s going to happen with mortgage rates?

Everybody wants to know what's gonna happen with mortgage rates. But here’s the thing about rates: they’re pretty much impossible to predict. I can't say for sure what lies ahead, but

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